a stroll around the neighbourhood

I like that it's a mixed area. On one end of the scale you have the Countess of C--'s almighty property, and then huddled against her garden wall a waterlogged Mooslim slum. And pretty much everything in between. Some landmarks.

The afternoon market:

The friendly neighbourhood slum, with guard chicken:

M'neighbour who's in the recycling business and has even more cats than I:

M'tailor (actually a dressmaker, but since she only has to copy the sole pair of jeans that ever fit me...):

Stupid pictures (an occasional series):

The local Tudorbethans:

A traditional Thai car wash (the sign says 'wash car 5 times, get 1 time free'):

Look on my works, ye mighty:

Delusions of grandeur:

Traditonalists! Traditionalists!:

Bring Me the Head of Consuelo Garcia (a motorbike taxi stand and recycling business):

The and-then-suddenly-you're-in-the-countryside effect of the Inner Urban Sprawl:

'Sir, excuse me, sir! Only we saw you walkin round the back of those flats, and we were wondering if you was all right is all.':

Another idyllic slum:

A melancholy hound (actually a playful puppy):