Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nearly Done

They slowly and steadily completed their jobs last week and cleaned out their rubbish on Monday. Here now is the bathroom, minus a mirror and fittings but with a rather fetching flowerpot. You can't see the rain-shower head, but trust me, it's there:

The sink leaks and has to be replaced. I bought a cheap one from HomePro when I first moved in, and it proved a false economy. The same design by Cotto costs about 4,000 baht:

And here's the new loo:

The french doors have turned out well, though the workers devastated my courtyard (I suppose they needed somewhere to keep their crap, cut and paint the iron and so on, and they did clean it up as best they could). The iron trellis above the door will hold a creeper called Maad Bali, which makes a sort of curtain of air roots:

And from inside:

The downstairs loo/dog shower room is fairly innocuous now -- I decided to paint it white after all and leave it looking cheap and functional -- and has a proper drain:

Really I have no complaints, except for some design flaws that are my own fault (showering in the bathtub is a bit splashy). Wut and his people did a good job and nothing very suprising happened. What can I say?

Of course it's not nearly done, and probably never will be.

Kitti the electrician is coming this week to move, repair and connect some lamps. I need a mirror, replacement sink, shelves and towel rack/ladder for the bathroom, and to have a new sofa made for the first floor (the old one is disgusting). New pictures for the first floor. The front and back doors downstairs need bamboo blinds, but nobody is taking orders at the moment because the factories were all flooded and have just started catching up with their backlog. Rush matting for the bedroom, I think. New Chinese lanterns for outside now that the gutter pipes have been extended; the old ones were damaged by the rain. Then a new air conditioner...

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