the tasks

Ground floor

  • Electrify Chinese lanterns
  • Outdoor wire-cage lamp inside, middle

  • Redo plumbing  
  • Kitchen counter side, back.
  • Sink, side. Cooker(s), end back
  • Fridge right
  • Paint white  
  • Paint doors/shutter black 
  • Use Mor Chit pic
  • Use halogen string
  • Set up cinema chairs
  • ceiling fan
  • Extractor fan front
  • Rail for pots (1.50 m)
  • Plain white shelf on brackets

  • Replace loo
  • Shower (use this one)
  • Threshold 
  • Shaving mirror
  • move cicuit board 
  • waste water pipe 
  • Pump under stairs
  • Paint green 

  • Sand, earth
  • Ledge to keep sand in (steel mesh?)
  • Tap
  • Lamps (4)
  • Umbrella
  • Chairs, table
  • Sow grass
  • Flower beds along sides and back
  • concrete doorstep
  • Lay brick terrace
  • Plant frangipani, banyan, sea almond tree, bamboo curtain along back
  • climbers
  • Spiky plants/palms
  • Use tall ladder as trellis, take apart

  • Paint all banisters black
  • Strip stairs
  • wire-cage outdoor lamp

1st floor
  • Polished concrete floor
  • Paint walls, ceiling grey, girders white
  • Iron-framed windows back   
  • Iron-framed french windows front 
  • Single iron rail front balcony
  • A/C back, compressor 2nd floor
  • Bookshelves in back (iron, rubberwood)
  • Halogen string front
  • Burlap/canvas/sacking on iron rail for curtains (cheapest sturdy fabric in Sampeng). Use HomePro brackets for curtain rails and buy iron pipes from here
  • Wooden outdoor blinds
  • Twin agaves
  • Move balcony lamp from here, buy twin

Top floor

  • Shower with bath attachment, for later, loo, sink
  •  Wall staircase
  • Just put in the plumbing first
  • Change glass in windows, frosted
  • Cat flap
  • White polished concrete w/embedded antique tiles (4 patterns enough)
  • Paint walls
  • Use Moroccan lamp here
  • Use mirror here

  • Full wall to study/ spare room
  • Full wall to corridor, 15-cm slats along top 
  • 1 m wall to bathroom bit
  • Use old wooden double door from here, frame and add bolt
  • Ceiling fan (black)
  • Paint bed black
  • Paint walls white
  • Twin hanging lamps from here
  • Cheesy-chinesy bedside tables

  • Desk under window, steel, rubberwood, whole length to door, shelves under sides
  • Wooden blinds balcony as on 1st floor
  • Paint window frames grey
  • Ceiling fan (black)

  • Tank
  • Tear out little tree front
  • Empty flower bed front corner
  • Creepers over front
  • Reflecting paint to cool top floor
  • Urn