Friday, March 9, 2012

Stage Two

The tasks before us are here.

A lot of men and women arrived at 9 o'clock sharp and by lunchtime had cleaned the roof, led by their fantastically energetic, er, Leader. His only handicap is that he's a Muslim and can't be contaminated by my 'unclean' dog, which he's too polite to mention and therefore blames on his staff's fear of being bitten. The dog is delighted -- he loves human activity around him -- and has taken rather a shine to the poor man. The cats have decamped.

The plumber came after lunch and proved even more frantic than the Leader, and we spent some time screeching, figuring out how to put the shower controls together and arguing furiously about the question of copper pipes. Already a grumpy older fellow is digging into the wall where the sink will go, while an indefinable mass of others are swarming all over the house doing god knows what.

I'm sure it'll all go pear-shaped soon enough, and it's costing me as much as Nek took for the whole house, but I've seen this man's work (I found him in soi 25 where he'd just built a spectacularly tasteless place with shiny shit-brown parquet everywhere, which is difficult to do well), and behold it was--

--forgive me, he just came to say he'd replaced a door handle downstairs while the going was slack and is now off to buy bricks, bab nueng! I can't type as fast as things are moving. A teenager is digging up the patio, another is lining up pipes, a woman in a warm woolly hat and socks has hacked a hole in the wall for the wastewater pipe... (Of course the pipes are blue; I took my eye of the ball for half a second and 20 m of pipes arrived before I could remind him I wanted the light grey ones. Oh well, they'll have to paint them.)

Here's the bathroom:

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