Friday, March 23, 2012


I haven't posted anything for a few days because Ood and the elderly cement expert slowly and carefully tiled the bathroom, tile after small tile. They worked steadily from 9 till lunchtime and 1 to 5, no monkeying about, but it was tedious progress because all the walls are crooked. What can I say, except that having perfectly capable builders doing a job they are well on top of is a dull experience? Here now are the bathroom walls, tiled:

The institutional effect is a bit stark even for my perverse taste, but it won't look quite so Albanian hospital once the joins have been grouted, and I hope that the chessboard floor and wooden tub and washstand will provide some warmth and character.

The downstairs loo is being tiled in the cheap yellow tile, which is so ugly against the white that I'll have to paint it yellow:

Today there's a little more activity -- they're fixing an iron trellis over the new french doors and grouting the tiles -- so maybe there will be more to report.

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